22.07.2020 |  The vegetation along P.G. Ramms Allé looks good this summer two years after construction. The vegetation  appears as a distinctive green element along the street.


30.05.2020 | Flowering in full bloom along Bülowsvej. The vegetation has established well during spring and contributes to the green expression alongside the roadstretch.


25.06.2019 | The courtyard is looking good here early summer. The courtyard is design as a water management solution with storrage in the middle of the courtyard.


11.01.2019 | The replacement of trees and paving are moving along at the main entrance in Tivoli. The construction work is carried out by P.P landscape A/S.


11.10.2018 | First day of construction of 6 new artificial sports turfs. Functioning as cloudburst and rainwater solution for the surrounding area.


19.07.2018 | The project begins to take shape at Lindevangsskolen. Only minor details missing for the project to be finished.


13.07.2020 |  Heres a look at Fremtiden Gårdhave two years after construction. 

The vegetation has really come along strong throughout the entire courtyard.


10.03.2020 | Second stage at Lergravssøerne in Nivå is completed. Being a reinterpretation of the former seating and playground for the little ones. The terrain is used to create different challenges within the landscape.

Nivå_Rozbeh Zavari_13_WEB.jpg

25.05.2019 | The new main pathway at the main entrance is done and creates a new connection toward the Tivoli Food Hall.



10.12.2018 | Wednesday, December 5, construction work started on Bülowsvej, Frederiksberg.



07.09.2018 | Thursday, September 6, the project at P.G. Ramms Alle was finalized; functioning as a fine addition to the project in Lindevangsskolen.


13.10.2017 | Friday, oktober 13, Fredensborg municipality held Inauguration of the project, Lergravssøerne Nivå.



02.07.2020 |  Askøgade is completed as an example of the the Swedish 'Stockholm Method'. The project is a connection to the project Fremtidens Gårdhave.


16.08.2019 | Friday, August 16, the first artificial sports turfs were inaugurated. 

The courts act as a rainwater solution for the surrounding area with  total capacity of 25.000 cubicmeter.

WEB 4.jpg
Skolen på La Cours Vej

25.02.2019 | In collaboration with Moe A/S the studio has won the planning of a schoolyard at La Cours Vej, Frederiksberg. Handling 1200 m3 of water within the schoolyard.


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30.11.2018 | Construction work at Fremtidens Gårdhave is carried out and the courtyard is ready to use for the residents. 


07.08.2018 | Construction is finally completed and the courtyard is ready for use by the residents.