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THE STUDIO - A short portrait

Niels Lützen Landskabsarkitekter ApS has existed since 1990 and is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The studio has many years of practical experience in client consulting, sketching and designing of landscape projects, ranging in scale from courtyards and green spaces to larger residential areas within cities as well as suburbs and the open countryside.

The principles of SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) are frequently implemented in the various projects, and NL Studio is considered to be a top-level expert and pioneer in the field of SUDS. 

The office also emphasizes projects containing other environmental and sustainable issues, like preserving and developing nature in the city, and maintaining and creating ecosystems and biodiversity. The projects often embrace function and aesthetics, and the studio has a special ability to translate complex and diverse situations into attractive, useful and understandable landscapes.

When needed in creation of larger and more comprehensive projects, the studio cooperates with larger Danish engineering companies like Rambøll as well as smaller offices, including biologists and other specialists.



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